Alexs Pate

Alexs Pate is a writer, novelist, Founder of Constructing the Innocent Classroom, and the President and CEO of Innocent Technologies, LLC, a company he founded to end educational disparities by closing the relationship gap between educators and students of color. Constructing the Innocent Classroom puts the ideas and theories present in his writing into practical use for classroom teachers.

Since Alexs’s creation of the Innocent Classroom teacher training in 2012, Innocent Technologies has trained over 3600 educators in school districts across the country.

Alexs is the author of five novels, including Amistad which was commissioned by Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks/SKG and based on the screenplay by David Franzoni, which became a New York Times Bestseller. His other novels are Losing Absalom, Finding Makeba, The Multicultiboho Sideshow, and West of Rehoboth. Pate’s first book of nonfiction, In the Heart of the Beat: The Poetry of Rap (Scarecrow Press), investigates the literary history and the quality of rap as a poetic expression.

In October 2018, Alexs released his first children’s book, Being You (Capstone Publishers). Being You delivers a message of hope and self-discovery in a time of uncertainty in our world. The Constructing the Innocent Classroom book is forthcoming.

In addition to these literary pursuits, Alexs has had a diverse career as a college professor at Macalester College and the University of Minnesota, corporate executive at Control Data, and a small business owner of ADP Communications.