Chanida Phaengdara Potter

Chanida Phaengdara Potter (she/her/hers) is a Lao American 1.5 refugee, equity advocate, community strategist, narrative storyteller and mother of two. She’s the chief editor of Little Laos on the Prairie and founding executive director & community architect of The SEAD Project (Southeast Asian Diaspora). Chanida’s home is both in Minneapolis and Vientiane. She has worked 10 years in the nonprofit field on public affairs, community development and human rights advocacy. She has a Bachelor’s in Global Studies and Media Studies from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and a Master’s in Public Administration from Hamline University.

Chanida’s the co-author of Planting SEADS: Southeast Asian Diaspora Stories, Minnesota’s first collection of Hmong, Khmer, Lao and Viet Minnesotan stories, poetry and art. Her work has been featured on Twin Cities Daily Planet, Asian American Press, The Uptake, Minnesota Public Radio, MinnPost, Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, Radio Free Asia, Voice of America; among others. She currently serves on the advisory board for Legacies of War.