Ezekiel Joubert III

Ezekiel Joubert III is an educator, community involved scholar and creative writer. As a doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Instruction-Culture and Teaching at the University of Minnesota, his work with pre-service teachers focuses on how to make social change in and out of their classrooms by engaging in historical injustices.

His research explores the educational challenges and visions of black rural communities near Metro Detroit, where he researches the ways in which black students and their families respond to and reimagine the contemporary educational structures that prevent equal access to quality education.

In “Reading Things Not Seen: A Reflection on Teaching Reading, Race, and Ghosts in Juvenile Detention” published in the International Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, he troubles notions of relevant education to make sense of the ways black history, memory, race, and politics are negotiated and confronted by black students and teachers.

His current projects include gathering life histories of black elders living in rural metro Detroit, forming an urban-rural Black Southeast Michigan collaborative and writing a collection of speculative poems and short stories on teaching in underserved schools