Keno Evol

Keno Evol is a poet, educator and sci-fi social worker from Chicago Illinois raised in South Minneapolis. He serves as the Founder and Executive Director of Black Table Arts and The Because Black Life Conference. Evol won first Place in the 2017 Sonia Sanchez-Langston Hughes Poetry Contest.

Evol has taught at nineteen institutions across the state of Minnesota. Evol has received the Verve Grant, the Beyond the Pure fellowship, The Emerging Writers Grant and The Spoken Word Immersion Fellowship for his work. He has been published in Split This Rock, Radius Lit and Vinyl.

Evol has performed, taught workshops and led professional development in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Washington DC, Arkansas, Minnesota and New York. He navigates noting Patricia Hill Collins as she has stated “My work has always been bigger than my job.