Men of Color in 2017

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In our first discussion with men of color, David Mura engaged Anthony Ceballos, Keno Evol,  Bao Phi, Clarence White, and Ibe’ in conversation on what it means to be a man of color in 2017. What are our stories? What are the models of masculinity we have we been given? How do we see ourselves as sexual beings, as fathers and partners? How do we deal with the expectations, projections, and stereotypes of who we are, both within the greater society and in our communities? How do we see each other, both in terms of tensions or gaps between us and in terms of what we share? How do we deal with issues such as safety, history, cultural representation, and the current political climate? How do literature, story, and writing help with these issues?

Featuring: Anthony Ceballos, Keno Evol, Emmanuel Ortiz, Bao Phi, Clarence White.
Opening poem by Ibe’